Chris Bohlin (then AD at Latitude) was the awesome director for this huge project. We had a lot of fun going for that classic feel. Chris has risen through the ranks and is now heading up award-winning campaigns at The Marketing Arm (Dallas).

Album cover for Carey Dyer. I think this just might be my favorite of all time. I know this is a brag but take a close look at the pictures on the wall. The guy on far left is Carey Dyer himself – singer extraordinaire. And apparently a good friend of the turtle.

What a fun commission this piece was. Thanks Jim Bremmer (Hasbro Games). Don't know where you are these days. Email me if you happen to read this.

J.J. Wampler directed me in this retro Christmas card for Hanson Pipe. The trees remind me of fish bones but somehow they work.

Terry Baughman (Latitude) was the art director on this Soviet propaganda style poster. I studied the look of old-school print-pressed methods, and tried to replicate the edge flare and sloppy color alignment common with the printing techniques of revolutionaries with little money. I stumbled upon Obey Giant in my research and have become a propaganda freak ever since. I believe it to be the best mode of persuasion. jk.

We were going for a sort of Mexican mom and pop cantina wall art style... maybe from the 30's or 40's. That's pretty specific. I personally think we pegged it. Great job directing me on this one Rachna Patel (The Marketing Arm). A nod to Chris Bohlin and Julie Richards as well. Great teamwork.

For those of you who know what I look like... the answer is yes.

© Elliott Park 2013

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